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Handmade furniture: Wicker furniture

Home and garden, Home decor  |  August 15th 2011  |  0 Comment

A very interesting antique wicker (late 19th century) and modern furniture. It is surprising that this furniture is perfectly preserved, its a lot sold at auction.

Handmade furniture: Wicker furniture



Very Rare & Ornate Antique Natural Victorian Wicker Photographer’s Bench Wicker furniture from the same willow twigs, in contrast to the basket, turned into a real luxury. Wove fine rocking chairs, flower boxes and canapes. Ornate Antique Victorian Wicker settee lozopleteniya Art – one of the oldest human crafts, it is an ancient pottery. The basic principle is the basis for weaving craft weavers. Perhaps lozoplete-tion – the only craft that came to our days almost intact. In general, lozopletenie – an old and very common type of fishing. It was popular back in the 18-19 centuries, mainly in areas adjacent to rivers. At the elegant furniture, baskets and other household items made ​​from debarked twigs, colored dyes, and sometimes covered with gold leaf, there is such demand that in France in the Champagne region for planting willow even destroyed the vineyards. Lozopletenie became fashionable pastime. Huge numbers of people began to engage in this profession in Bavaria and Prussia. Everywhere opened special schools weaving. In Russia, these schools have started to create the landowners, and later – Zemstvo boards. One of the first schools for artisans for the production of fashionable woven products has been opened in the 90s of the 19th century near Moscow in the means of the well-known patron of art Savva Morozov.During this period, activated lozopletenie in Ukraine, where the local school were specially invited by the best masters of art of weaving from Germany and France. Very Rare Natural Antique Museum Quality Ornate Victorian Wicker Photographer’s Divan Circa: 1880′s 1920′s Very Rare Antique Ornate 3 Piece Victorian Wicker Parlor Set Circa 1890′s. Antique Victorian Wicker Etage Antique Art Deco Natural Wicker Desk and Chair Ornate Victorian Wicker Rare Sheet Music Stand Antique Fancy Victorian Wicker Stand Music Trivia — ——————- ——————– Fancy Antique Victorian Wicker Umbrella / Cane Stand Antique Fancy Victorian Wicker Footstool Rare Antique Victorian Wicker Basket Decorated W / Ribbons gesso, Tasslesk, & Flowers - ————————– —————- Tables Antique Victorian Beaded Natural Wicker Sewing Stand Table Craft Rare Ornate Antique Victorian Wicker Beaded Table Wakefield Rattan Co. Antique Fancy Victorian WickerTable Very Rare Antique Ornate Victorian Wicker Parlor Natural Table Rare Ornate Antique Victorian Parlor Natural Table Heywood Brothers ———– Ornate Natural Victorian wicker Carriage —————- ———————- CHAIRS Fancy Antique Victorian Natural Wicker Rocker Large Ornate Antique Victorian Gentleman’s Wicker Rocker Ornate Antique Victorian Natural Wicker Arm Rocker Rare Natural Antique Victorian Wicker Platform Rocker Antique Large Heart Back Victorian Gent’s Wicker Rocker Rare Fancy Victorian Antique Wicker Morris Chair Very Rare Ornate Victorian Natural Wicker Arm Chair Antique Fancy Victorian Ladies Rolled Arm Chair 1890 - — Ornate Antique Wicker Photographer’s Bench Ornate Victorian Antique Wicker Photographer’s Chair Antique Fancy Victorian Wicker Reception Chair Rare Ornate Antique Victorian Natural Wicker Arm Chair Antique Fancy Victorian Wicker Arm Chair as a raw material for wicker furniture are used the most diverse species of flora, growing in all parts of light and different climatic conditions: palms (rattan and raffia), trees and shrubs (willow, grape, hazelnut), grasses (bamboo cane), herbaceous plants (banana), seaweed.Precondition – the material must be sufficiently flexible and not break during processing and subsequent operation. Here, in the case are very different plant parts: stems and rattan cane, willow, hazel leaves raffia, banana. By the way I must say, some types of banana are cultivated specifically for this weaving all sorts of products but not for the sake of the fruit. The most common and interesting in this regard, raw materials – rattan.This material is “climbing” the vine, although the generic features refers to the palms. It grows everywhere in all tropical areas and especially in the forests of Southeast Asia.Clinging to nearby trees and shrubs, hanging between them at different levels, forms a thick rattan impenetrable thicket. In Russia, most furniture is woven out of willow twigs.