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Handicraft: bead embroidery and silk flower

Bead embroidery, Beading and knotting, Embroidery, Jewelry making, Making flower, Needle crafts, Sewing  |  May 18th 2011  |  0 Comment

(700x525, 210Kb)Beads, satin, in general beauty of Nigar Hikmet …


(700x525, 285Kb)


(700x525, 274Kb)

(699x531, 74Kb)

(544x698, 70Kb)

(534x698, 80Kb)

(554x698, 46Kb)

(699x531, 72Kb)

(700x525, 93Kb)

(699x554, 76Kb)

(700x525, 67Kb)

(640x640, 120Kb)

(700x525, 76Kb)

(699x548, 94Kb)

(699x665, 66Kb)

(699x556, 62Kb)

(558x699, 73Kb)

(699x555, 37Kb)

(700x487, 60Kb)

(700x662, 50Kb)

(699x532, 77Kb)

(699x526, 48Kb)

(700x530, 62Kb)

(700x527, 69Kb)

(699x526, 57Kb)

(699x526, 53Kb)

(699x526, 75Kb)

(699x526, 86Kb)

(700x527, 92Kb)

(699x531, 61Kb)

(699x530, 62Kb)

(531x699, 78Kb)

(699x531, 112Kb)

(699x531, 71Kb)

(699x531, 91Kb)

(532x699, 69Kb)

(581x700, 79Kb)

(700x700, 66Kb)

(700x700, 95Kb)

(700x558, 35Kb)

(700x563, 238Kb)

(700x533, 78Kb)

(700x533, 101Kb)

(700x533, 79Kb)

(700x533, 74Kb)

(700x533, 56Kb)

(700x533, 103Kb)

(700x533, 73Kb)

(700x533, 54Kb)

(700x533, 56Kb)

(700x533, 58Kb)

(540x699, 61Kb)

(700x700, 74Kb)

(700x583, 57Kb)

(536x698, 53Kb)

(700x700, 78Kb)

(531x698, 60Kb)

(558x699, 54Kb)

(557x699, 58Kb)

(638x699, 77Kb)

(700x700, 133Kb)

(700x700, 143Kb)

(700x700, 128Kb)

(640x640, 84Kb)

(699x349, 35Kb)

(700x361, 38Kb)

(699x454, 40Kb)

(699x455, 36Kb)


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