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Halloween crafts: Roll A Jack-O-Lantern tutorial

Hallooween's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Paper crafts  |  September 20th 2011  |  1 Comment

Fall has really inspired me!  As the temperatures have dropped just a few degrees, I have hit a huge surge of creativity.  I am knee-deep in several fall projects!  Today I decided to share the project that best defines me.

No matter how hard I try to make something just for me–I am always so much more motivated to make a project that the whole family (specifically Little Man!) can enjoy!  So once again, the Mom AND the Teacher in me have joined forces on this little project.

Let me introduce you to our brand spankin’ new Roll A Jack-O-Lantern game!

And guess what–I only spent $1 on this project. {Insert husband’s congratulations here!}

PLUS there are some downloads at the end of this post to help you create your own game at home.

This game is versatile.  You can adapt it however you would like for your own family!

The idea of the game is to build a jack-o-lantern, with the help of the dice!

I started out with a $1 burner cover from the Dollar Tree.  Yes, there was a rooster on it.  But most importantly, it was magnetic!

I quickly covered that rooster with some orange scrapbook paper.  I added a layer of protective mod podge over the top (because it will be getting plenty of use!), and distressed the edges a bit, too.

Next, I got to work creating the jack-o-lantern pieces.  You will need….

At least 2 eyes (I made 6!)

At least 1 nose

At least 1 mouth

At least 2 teeth


After laminating the pieces for a little extra durability, I added a magnet to the back of each piece.

I had some fun, and created eyes and noses and mouths of all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

This jack-o-lantern still has its stem, too!  I couldn’t resist hot gluing a real stick that Little Man collected outside to use as the stem.  We added a ribbon for leaves!

Next, I created 2 dice using some small wooden cubes I already had in my wood stash.

Using the word dice, you simply roll and add that part to the jack-o-lantern.  Here is a quick run-down on making the dice with words…

Using the number dice, you will count the number rolled, and that will show you what part to add to the jack-o-lantern!  I created the number/dot dice just using a hole punch…

I created this little chart to help us play with the number dice!  (You can print yours at the end of this post.)

The fun part about this game is that you may end up with a jack-o-lantern that has 3 eyes… or 2 noses!

Keep adding parts to your jack-o-lantern until you run out.

Then start over!

All of the pieces store quite easily in a bag on the back of the burner cover.  The magnets hold them there nice and snug!

If you want to create your own…

Print the words for the dice here and print the number chart here.