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Hair accessories tutorial

Felt, Making flower, Sewing  |  September 16th 2011  |  0 Comment

The fall feathered fun hair accessory!

(ya, that’s a real feather in the bobby pin hair fun!)
I decided for the fall time I wanted something fun for in my hair with a bit of color in it, but not too much. I don’t know about you but come fall I tend to wear a lot more neutrals in my wardrobe and fun up my look with accessories. Something about feathers says fall to me, I think it’s due to the birds flying south for the winter (I live in Canada and this is not a fun place to be in winter, as in -40 to -50 Celsius temperatures!).
Supply list:
  1. some heat and bond, fabric scraps (however large you want your feathers),
  2. felt,
  3. and a hair elastic or bobby pin.
  4. and a glue gun, needle, and thread and some scissors :)


You will need 7 felt circles if you want to do a flower, if you want this to be a very quick project you could just use a button instead of the rosette.

So there are many tutorial out there on how to do these flowers now (yay – because I had to take apart a flower I bought for $7 way bak in the day to figure out how to make these). Just in case you don’t know how to do a flower here’s a quick run down:
Fold your circle in half
and then in half again
and sew onto your circle. You will sew 4 of these quarter circles onto the bottom circle and then the fifth will be sewn into the middle.

It’s hard to see the fifth one here… but in the top of this post pic I think it shows it better.

If you are doing a bobby pin vs. hair elastic make a little snip into the center of a felt circle.

If you chose the hair elastic route, stitch it on (we’ll glue gun it in yet, but I like to stitch it in for an extra bit of strength)


Here you see the pieces, pre assembly. the feathers, the rosette with hair elastic stiched and ready to go, and the bottom circle.

You can see here I glued the feathers to the circle
and then quickly put the rosette on top of it.
and that’s it – you are done!
Now you just need to figure out how you want to wear it!




Enjoy! Hope you have a wonderful fall and fun dressing up the fall wardrobe with a feathery but of hair fun!

Source: thecraftingfiend.blogspot.com