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Glowing Glamour : funny and art design

Fashion, Funny, Other crafts  |  May 24th 2011  |  0 Comment
The importance of proper and quality of lighting in our cozy blozhike mentioned more than once. And where the light is most needed? Right! In the dark! But in our progressive time darkness in the room is rarely random and it is there for anything necessarily need, so I just shine it energy efficient light bulbs – is clearly not an option. Only one thing – to shine the most. And to help you in this different unusual LED and other belongings, which I will tell you under the cut.

Let’s start with the goods for the fair ladies, who with them and pulls, pardon the pun, blown down. All the more so around a dark, sir! However, I digress. There is such a company – called LumiGram . They have in stock is a set of glowing in the dark fiber topics, which are capable of up to 12 hours to work on one battery at 1,5 V. There are also a small switch, which will de-energize the accessory when not in use. Looks pretty nice:

Or, here, for example, glow in the dark LED bra by Janet Hansen. Also, I must say, very interesting and piquant discovery. And she does, incidentally, is not only a bra – you cansee for yourself. Is there, for example, and ties for men at 60 bucks apiece.

But can we erase these things in the washing machine? Personally, I would not dare. While the guys from Philips claim that their LED tissue Lumalive general tactile and physical characteristics are indistinguishable from normal clothes!

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