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Giving money 2.

Cards, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower, Origami, Paper crafts  |  August 3rd 2011  |  0 Comment

Hello, hello everybody! I congratulate all prizdnikami passed, I celebrated the good, I hope you too:)
A special greeting to the new girls drive, glad to see you, place the back, is now going to show something ineteresnenkoe:)
So, we give the money to the continuation of the story:)

I wish you a lot of bank accounts …
 (500x310, 81Kb)

Kids to enjoy …

 (500x404, 85Kb)
 (418x500, 96Kb)
 (318x400, 64Kb)
 (500x349, 81Kb)
 (384x400, 69Kb)
 (500x312, 81Kb)
 (412x500, 119Kb)
 (392x405, 66Kb)
 (500x112, 31Kb)
… That the table was full of …

 (500x418, 94Kb)
 (444x500, 104Kb)
 (500x392, 94Kb)
 (400x318, 53Kb)
 (500x368, 83Kb)
… Odezhek beautiful and new …

 (500x420, 104Kb)
the world to see you, and you see the world …

 (295x500, 62Kb)
 (306x400, 44Kb)
 (400x402, 73Kb)
 (500x428, 91Kb)
… And let the music play …

 (244x500, 50Kb)
Roads in udobsvta …

 (500x174, 39Kb)
 (398x396, 69Kb)
 (500x406, 78Kb)
 (397x400, 64Kb)
.. Respect old age ….

 (500x364, 91Kb)
Dostka … of course!

 (500x471, 116Kb)
Tempered in the winter for health!

 (379x500, 93Kb)
 (500x425, 110Kb)
 (314x400, 59Kb)
 (500x374, 79Kb)
And of course, a light feeling of tenderness butterflies ….

 (404x500, 106Kb)
Love fluttering …

 (500x354, 80Kb)
And the passion! :)

 (400x388, 68Kb)
Happy New Year!

Well, as always shemki bonus:)

 (397x500, 114Kb)
 (371x500, 91Kb)
 (366x500, 99Kb)

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