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Holiday & seasonal crafts, Home and garden, Home decor, Valentine's day  |  September 9th 2011  |  0 Comment

A Frameful of Flowers

I love flowers. I love my sewing room. Flowers on my sewing room table would be a bad idea, considering the amount of fabric and supplies that’s taking over my table at any given time.

I created this piece of art for my sewing room, and can’t wait to make another larger piece for my living room, with the flowers spaced a bit further apart and in purple.
Something about a frame bursting with voluptuous flowers is just heavenly.

Want to make one too? Let’s get started!


Fake flowers – one “vine” from JoAnn supplied enough flowers to fill a 10″x10″ shadow box (you can adjust amount of flowers based on the size of shadow box you use)
Shadow box – mine was 10″x10″
Glue gun and glue sticks
1. To prepare your flowers, trim each close to the base of the stem. I used only the large flowers from my vine at this point.
2. Remove backing and glass from your shadow box and glue a flower in the center of shadowbox back cardboard.
3. Keep gluing…
4. And gluing…
5. And gluing! Place the flowers as near or far from each other as you’d like. I wanted so see mostly petals, and not necessarily the middle of the flowers, so the my flowers are between 1-2″ of each other at the bases.
6. Slide the shadow box over the flowers and tuck all the petals inside the frame.
7. Use any left over flowers to fill in any spaces and to get the exact look you want. I used the smaller flowers on my vine for this step, and they worked perfectly as I glued them in the corners and any other areas that needed a bit more fill.
8. Replace any other backing you have for your shadow box and secure it in place using the tabs on the back of the frame.
Enjoy your new piece of art!
Hang it on your wall…
Use it as a centerpiece for your summer party…
Or make a few in different colors and display them all together! Have fun and be creative!
Source: sewmuchado.blogspot.com