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Gifts for bridemaid: wedding headband tutorial

Holiday & seasonal crafts, Jewelry making, Wedding day  |  September 28th 2011  |  0 Comment

diy wedding head piece

Gifts for bridemaid: wedding headband tutorial

It’s a DIY day!  But before we get into our lovely tutorial – HAVE YOU SIGNED UP FOR La Belle Bride’s Daily Mail YET? Please do, our daily eblasts for brides are fun and packed with stylish wedding inspiration and wedding deals delivered straight to your inbox.  SIGN UP HERE!

SO.  Today we’re sharing with you a DIY wedding headband with a tutorial from the lovely Corrine of Buds and Blooms. Of note: Buds and Blooms have some beautiful headpieces available on Etsy.  In every color of the rainbow too so check ‘em out!  The following DIY tutorial is broken down into a few parts  but fear not, it’s an easy DIY once you get into it…


  • Fabric or ribbon covered headband
  • Needle and Thread- make sure the eye of your needle will fit through your beads
  • Scissors
  • Fabric ( I used chiffon)
  • Tulle
  • Ribbon (I used organza and satin ribbon)
  • Beads ( I used Swarovski pearls and silver Swarovski crystal bicones with an “AB” finish)
  • Optional –clear filament thread for sewing beads

diy wedding headband

Part 1- Ruffle Ribbon Flowers

  1. Cut out your ribbon- I measured out 8” of organza and satin and 16” of organza.
  2. Double thread your needle and knot.  For your SatinRuffle Flower, sew a running stitch up the middle of your satin ribbon (don’t forget to anchor the end by sewing a few stitches over each other at the starting end). When you get to the end of your ribbon gently pull on your stiches to get a ruffle. Do not cut your thread yet.
  3. Sew one cut edge to the other; anchor your stitches, knot and cut off your thread.
  4. Organza Ruffle Flowers- You will sew a running stitch up one edge of your organza ribbon (don’t forget to anchor one end of your stitches). When you reach the end of your ribbon, gently pull on your stitches to ruffle the edge; sew the cut edges together, anchor your stitches, knot and cut.

diy tulle wedding headpiece

Part 2- Fabric Ruffle Flowers

  1. Cut out two strips of fabric; you can play around with the lengths and widths to get different sized flowers. As you can see, you don’t have to be too concerned with cutting straight edges or uniform sizes.
  2. Fold your fabric in half the long-way and sew a running stitch up the cut edges of fabric.
  3. When you reach the end of your fabric gently pull on your stitches to ruffle the fabric. Sew the edges of your fabric together. Knot and cut off your thread.  Repeat on second piece of fabric

diy wedding hairpiece

Part 3- Tulle Pouf

  1. Cut out two rectangles of tulle; once again you don’ t need to be precise and you can experiment with different sizes.
  2. Anchor your thread and sew a running stitch down one short edge of the rectangle, continue your running stitch down one long edge of the tulle and continue sewing a running stitch down the second short edge. Gently pull your stitches to form your pouf. Anchor your stitches, knot and cut your thread. Repeat on second rectangle. Sew both poufs together through the middle.
  3. Now it’s time to assemble on your headband! Sew your ruffle flowers to your headband by sewing the back of your flowers to your headband. You can assemble your flowers in any way you’d like but make sure your pouf is sewn to your headband with an appropriate angle; you don’t want it sticking straight out of your head!

Note: Prior to assembly you can add any beading or other embellishments that you’d like!

diy veil

diy wedding head piece