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Gifts bride: bride purse tutorial, sewing pattern

Bags, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Sewing, Wedding day  |  August 8th 2011  |  0 Comment

Gifts bride: bride purse tutorial, sewing pattern


For many of the ladies handbag plays an important role in creating a certain image. One way or another, every woman wants to stand out, to have that kind of thing, which would not be in others. We offer one of the options, how to make a bag that is not and can not be another person by virtue of its exclusivity for a single production.


  • White-satin silver (at least 70×90 cm)
  • Glue tissue (dublerin, buckram) (~ 100×150 cm)
  • Lining (~ 40h70 cm)
  • Velcro (5×5 cm)
  • Stripe
  • Metal rings (2 pcs.)
  • White threads
  • Silver Threads
  • Chain (~ 110 cm)


Sequence of actions:

Prepare the pattern.

Raschertit given allowances to 1 cm at the seams:

  1. White satin (parts 1-3)
  2. Glue fabric (make copies of the 4.2 parts 1-3 for the stiffness, the bottom of the bag preferably better seal)
  3. Pad (part 4 and the upper part of the body 2 above the dotted line).

Iron front fabric glue several layers of tissue adhesive (in this case, used 2 layers of crinoline, and a layer dublerina + another layer of crinoline in the middle of the part 3, where the bottom of the bag itself).

Patch cut optionally in several portions and silver threads to sew a handbag. It is desirable to do so that sewing thread also served as a decorative role.

One part of the velcro to sew the front of the bag, and the second – to the front side of the liner for the lid bags.

Sew two piece bags lined with Velcro sewn into the wrong side.Remove. To iron.

Sew the inside of the three main parts bags.

Loosen the edges to iron.

Sew the edge of the lining, fold the 1 cm and ironed one side of the “throat”, then sew the lining to the edge of the bag, leaving neprishitoy the part that falls on the back of a zahlestom.

Through this “hole” to turn out the lining and hand it over doprishit lining the edge of the back of the bag. To iron. Sew a ring. Pull the chain through them.

sewing pattern