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Gifts and presents: Pattern of crochet bookmark with initials

Crochet  |  September 22nd 2011  |  0 Comment

Here comes the pattern.


I drew 3 figures to illustrate how the bookmark is made.

Fig. (A) Pattern of the bookmark edges. Start at the point of the blue triangle

Fig. (B): Filet design for the alphabet

The first two figures are probably enough for experienced crocheter who can read the chart, but I would still write down some brief descriptions.

R1: ch 17, dc in the 7th lp from the hook, (ch 2, dc)x10, ch 2, treble stitch in the same last lp
R2-4: ch 5, turn, dc in the dc, ….continue with filet designs….ch 2, dc
R5: ch4, dc in the dc in previous row, (ch2, dc)x10, ch 4, sl st in the loop of previous row.
R6: sc across the edge. 3 sc in every grid and 5 sc on the 4 corners. sl st at the end

Do NOT fasten off here


R1: ch 4, * double treble stitch on the center (the 5th sc in the previous row) of grids, ch 4, dc in the middle of the double treble stitch, ch 4, dc in the same point, ch3, sc to the 9th sc. (ch 3, skip one sc, sc in the next sc)x3, (sc 3, ch 2)x5, sc 3, (ch 3, skip one sc, sc in the next sc)x3, ch 3, repeat from *, sl st to the beginning of this row

R2: ch 3, *dc 3 in the loop, dc 6 in the 3 chains, ch 7, dc 6 in the 4 chains, dc4 in the next chains, sc in the 3 ch loop; (ch 3, skip one sc, sc in the next sc)x3, (dc in the first sc and the 4th sc at the same time, ch 2, 4 dc decrease, ch 2) x 5, ch 2, dc in the two sc at the same time, (ch 3, sc in the loop) x3, ch 3, dc in the loop, repeat from *

Fasten off.

Fig. (C): various filet units

As for the filet, you simply need to fill the grids with dc’s. The brown grid (c.1.) refers to dc 3 across and the white one is dc, ch 2, dc. All the rest special units can be substituted with the first one without screwing the letters. I really don’t know how to describe these units.