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Gifts and ideas: Fringe Cushion Cover tutorial

Pillows, Sewing  |  August 23rd 2011  |  0 Comment
Gifts and ideas:  Fringe Cushion Cover tutorial

Sewing patterns

Easy to make fringed floor cushions
A step-by-step tutorial (with some easy short-cuts)

Emma (and I) needed something to sit on when reading her books…on a quick trip to Ikea I picked up some super squishy euro sized pillows that made the perfect inserts. I had the fabric (also Ikea) and the fringe was an Op-shop find.

You will need:
A cushion insert or pillow
2 squares of fabric cut to the size of the pillow plus 1cm seam allowance

1. Pin the fringe on the right side of the fabric, fringe facing in. Take extra care around corners to keep fringes neat so they don’t get stitched into seam.

2. Lay second piece of fabric on top of the fringe, right side in, like a sandwich. Pin to place.

3. Sew around edge with a 1cm seam allowance, leave about a 30cm opening on one side for turning and stuffing.

2a. (short cut) I was a bit lazy with the second cushion and didn’t do the pinning, I just sandwiched the two pieces and fringe as I went along…I’d only recommend this technique for more confident sewers.

4. Turn inside out and insert cushion

5. Pin opening closed, taking special care to keep the edges straight and fringe neat

6a & 6b. Either machine stitch or hand stitch opening closed.

You’re done!

Source: made-of-cloth.blogspot.com