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Gift Wrap DIY

Holiday & seasonal crafts, Wrapping and Packaging  |  September 6th 2011  |  0 Comment
I love to personalize the gifts I give & often it’s hard for me to find wrapping paper I like. I also usually choose a theme so all my gifts look sweet sitting under the tree. This year I chose red & gold and for today’s DIY I am going to show you how to make your own star stamps, wrapping paper & how to Furoshiki gift wrap.

Holiday crafts:  Gift Wrap DIY

For full directions & of course more photos click the link below…

Supplies for Wrapping Paper
Drawing or butcher paper
Linoleum block to cut your stamp from I used a Speedball Speedy Carve block you can also use larger erasers.
Craft knife
Gold stamp pad or paint (I used gold Lumiere ink) – or any color you like

Supplies for Furoshiki Gift Wrap
White muslin – can be stamped the same way as the paper gift wrap which I will show you
Any fabric you like

Wrapping Paper & Stamps
Step 1

Begin by decided what size you would like your stars, I went for smaller ones between 1″ & 1/4″ & wanted them to look hand drawn so I didn’t fuss too much over the proportions of each point. Next draw your stars onto your linoleum block. I am using scraps here, I used my block up & couldn’t get another in time for these photos :)

Step 2

Using a craft knife cut your stars out of your linoleum. I also made myself a Dala horse stamp which you see in my example images. If you are more advanced & have carved linoleum before you could always make a more intricate stamp to accompany the stars.

Step 3

Because I used a gold paint I made myself a stamp pad using a foam brush. I added paint to the foam brush & pressed my stars into it. If you already have a stamp pad just begin stamping your paper. You could make patterns or just randomly stamp, I did both.

Step 4
After your ink or paint has dried wrap up your packages & add ribbon!
Furoshiki Gift Wrap


First cut your fabric into squares. I purchased a few quilting fat quarters for smaller packages & a yard for larger ones. I left my edges un-finished & encouraged them to fray, but you can hem them if you really wanted to. Now tie up your package! Place your gift in the center of your fabric square. Grab 2 ends opposite each other bring them to the middle & tie a knot. Then do the same for the remaining opposite corners.

All done! Your gifts are ready to give!

If you want to make little cards that go with your wrapping paper just stamp a heavier weight paper similarly & adorn your packages.
Source: @igobykatie.com