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Gift wine: Thermos packaging for wine

Felt, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Needle crafts  |  June 20th 2011  |  0 Comment

This carrying case not only presentable packaging, but also a great accessory.On top of that trunk can act as a thermos bottle – wine, served in a shell will maintain a preset temperature for a long time

We will need:
- 80-100 grams of wool.I used the harsh Caucasian hair, it’s a bit like a kardoches, because for such a thing, he looks very authentic
- The substrate for floors, centimeter, pupyrchataya film, two-liter cans as blanks, soap, scissors and colored wool for decoration

make a template from the standard calculation
- The width of the template – half circle, plus 50% for shrinkage, plus I added 2cm to spare encirclement
- The length of the template – the height of the bottle + 50% shrinkage
- Bottom diameter of 50%
form template – a rectangle, the shape of the bottom – the circle

begin to layout the left – the right to hand does not cover the review of the place in which to put the lock of
bottom-up approach for the same reason.The coat should go beyond the edges of the pattern on the sides of the bottle and on the bottom, top – without calling
Before layout, separate about 5-10 grams on the bottom, the remaining hair divide in half, guided only by the number of layers can not have every different style of layout, orientation – the weight of the product.So we put our hair up until not finished the first half of it.Cover the mesh, moistened and promylivaem
Here’s what you should have after the grid is removed turn over, capturing the layout and template together
and this is what we must have

bends the edge, trying not to zamusolivat tails, if they do not bend, fold lightly sprayed on little water

polishers are passed lightly – 5-10 seconds in one place
check the bends – they often are formed such scars.We put one hand under and drgoy heavily lathered up, stretches the scar
then lay out bottom

then slightly bend inwards our “pipe” and insert the cardboard bottom
in fact, already in the process found in a liter cans of different diameters, one of them perfectly fit into the desired size.Thus, you can simply insert the tube down to the bank down, fold the ends that we left for the bottom then we fall and are putting on the bottom “tube” tails
to form the bottom of the banks are very convenient obminat and shape, it is particularly easy to do the very bottom.The very top box, especially in the form of nesvalyanom, far above the banks.As soon as one section of roll, move to the bank and working on the next part
after we take a narrow bank and do all over again.from the bottom.When done – pull out a jar and check whether we have uniformly all happened I turned podrastyanuty top, his stroke and knead until uniform in every way. e long ….intestine), we bandaging in pupyrku and start “roll to roll” in order to prevent it from slipping, I recommend to wrap it in a towel.You can leave the design to increase its density
And then – well, I do not know how it happened, but I have found a cylindrical capsule, to a hair under the pouch.But I think it will come down and an empty bottle

I trim a little edge and cut the handle.Sections were thoroughly zamylivayutsya and filled up.Can be still on hand-dry them on a needle and then zamylit


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