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Holiday & seasonal crafts, Wrapping and Packaging  |  September 12th 2011  |  0 Comment



Greens and Feathers


Use branches from the bottom of your tree or swag you have from decorating (many tree lots discard their trimmings!)



1. Cut tiny pieces and put them in small boutonniere bunches.


2. Wire-wrap them together, then cut the wire, leaving two to three inches.


3. Rip 1/2-inch to 1-inch strips of muslin or fabric (old dress shirts and sheets work well; if you’re using a woven fabric like a t-shirt, it will work better to cut it).


4. Wrap muslin around the wire to hide.


5. Secure by bending the bottom of the wire.


6. Attach to a ribbon on package.




Reused Paper


Gather newspaper, magazines, paint swatches, last year’s wrapping paper, tin foil, magnolia leaves or anything you can think of to punch holes in!



1. Using a large punch (we used a 2 1/8-inch punch, but this will work with smaller punches as well), punch out anywhere from 5 to 10 circles.


2. Using a standard hole punch, punch a hole on the top and the bottom of the large circle.


3. Thread thin ribbon or twine through the holes.


4. Wrap around gift.




Vintage Pins, Hair Clips and Shoe Slips


Vintage shops and eBay are good resources for finding super inexpensive brooches and pins; pretty hair clips and vintage shoe clips work well, too.



Pin any of the above items onto scraps of ribbon or ribbed fabric and wrap around your gifts.



Old Cards


Last year’s tags and holiday cards, cut up and repurposed! If you collect letterpress cards and interesting papers, chances are you have a lot to work with. We made all of these with tags and cards we had collected over the years.



1. Cut out desired section of the card to create a “new” tag.


2. Using a standard hole punch, punch a hole on the top and the bottom of the tag.


3. Thread ribbon, string or twine through the holes and attach to a gift.




Beads and Buttons


We have a ton of buttons, as well as a bunch of beads from past craft endeavors, and they both make for great toppers.



Simply string buttons onto twine, waxed cords, embroidery thread, yarn or ribbon, or string a row of several beads in a pattern.





We used a variety of ornaments that we have collected over the years and don’t mind parting with — we love to change our tree every year anyway!



Just tie ornaments to the top of any gift!



Source: designsponge.com