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Gift presents: Vintage Crafter’s Challenge, sewing tutorial

Making flower, Sewing  |  August 20th 2011  |  0 Comment

Gift presents:  Vintage Crafter’s Challenge,

sewing tutorial

. . how do they expect me to cut up these beautiful fabrics?!”
I loved that sweet floral polka-dot print and I was crazy about the grass-y green linen with the lace border, as well as the vibrant blue bias tape, yellow cording, and adorable buttons. It was a beautiful collection of vintage fun, but I was a little distressed at the thought of cutting into the fabric. I spent a few days stressing over potentially destroying such lovely material if my project didn’t turn out before I finally got down to business and created this cheerful vintage hoop art:
I knew that I wanted to make something that would highlight the beautiful fabrics–my creative efforts are usually more on the functional, wearable side, but I just couldn’t get over how lovely the fabric was, so I really wanted to put it up on display.
And when I think “vintage,” I think of a friendlier, more neighborly time . . . so a cheerful little message seemed like the perfect touch.


I finished it off with a colorful rolled flower made using the green lace and bias tape, with a cluster of yellow cording and a button center.