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Gift presents: Top with the rings on the back, sweater knitting pattern

Knitting  |  August 4th 2011  |  0 Comment


Gift presents: Top with the rings on the back, sweater knitting pattern

Attention! Top related threads in 2 additions – “Tenderness” + “Bridget”. On the dial needles 64 n. silver thread and Knit 8 rows of elastic 1 x 1. Next Tie persons. stitch, alternating stripes: 2 rows with lurex thread, 8 rows of silver. Over 16 cm start to add a loop on both sides to form the back 48 times x 1 point each in the 2nd row. To do this, izn. ranks after the third paragraph from the beginning of the series and before the last third paragraph do yo, and individuals. ranks provyazyvayte yo crossed the front.



After 36 cm, divide the work into 3 parts: the middle section 64 to mark the front, and side parts – left and right sides of the back. Tie each piece separately. After that, check the 16 sts from the left and right sides of the front and armhole vyvyazhite them. To do this, close the middle section 4, then 6 times x 1 point for each person. series. Thus you should have 32 sts on the right and left sides of the backrest section 64 and front. Then merge all the loops into a single canvas and Knit 5 rows of silver thread, the 6th number – change to the thread with Lurex Knit and izn. paragraph, 7 th series knit as follows: * 2 sts together, yo * to end, the 8th row – Knit izn. loops. Then again, change the thread of a silver and Knit 4 rows of people. smooth surface. Then close all the loops. The resulting fold collar for a number of openwork and sew.Then back to the lower parts, dial on the spokes 80 n. silver thread and Knit Rib 1 x 1. After 16 cm close an average of 20 sts and Knit each part separately, subtracting from the inside of the 1 st and 2 n. When the remaining 3 sts, knit them together. Another part of the complete symmetric. Follow the side seams, the upper part of the cutout on the back of the tie 3 rows st. b / n. Then tie 8 rings with lurex thread, connect them together and cut backs in vsheyte, as shown in the diagram and photo.