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Gift presents: The Gnomes of Autumn tutorial

Felt, Sewing  |  September 16th 2011  |  0 Comment

These gnomes came into existence over the span of several lunch hours. They were destined for an Autumn Craft Swap orchestrated by the delightful and ever-crafty Maureen at Twig and Toadstool. The Autumn Gnomes, they are a wandering many. The gnomenclature describes them as a gnomadic tribe of earthy imps — wandering from underground treasure to underground treasure. Yeah, totally made that up. I’m certainly gnome expert on them. Would somebody please tell me to stop already?

Okay, so here’s the fun-to-a-DIYer-on-a-budget part. The wool felt that the gnomes are garbed in, is all dyed by the children and myself. The felt was only available for purchase in packs of 10 sheets of a single colour. My budget and general DIY tendencies, would not permit the spending of an undisclosed amount of money on what would end up being way too many sheets of not enough colours. But I so wanted wool felt. So I purchased one 10 pack of ecru-coloured felt and resolved to dye them as needed. With the help of Koolaid, onion skins, coffee, hibiscus, and beets, that ecru felt has morphed into many happy colours. Better yet, it morphed into a wonderful learning opportunity for the children (and the mama) and an all around satisfying activity.

Back to the gnomes themselves — as I sewed their wardrobes I started thinking, like every adult does, about how when there is a tribe of gnomes it is only right that some of their hats be flopped over. I resisted the urge to sew a few of the hats charmingly askew as I also realized that children sometimes don’t agree with floppy-hat-wanting adult perspectives. Yet, I couldn’t let go of this desire for quirkiness. So I did this.

So that now this can be done. And undone.
Now, after their parents have finished playing with the gnomes, the children can restore the hats to their proper pointy-up state.
In the spirit of play,

Source: wabisabiwanderings.blogspot.com