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Gift presents: pot holders for home, crochet pattern

Crochet  |  August 1st 2011  |  0 Comment

Gift presents: pot holders for home, crochet pattern

Pot holders should be firm and tight. I have used crochet hook 3.5, and crochet tight. Lose nålstørrelse if you crochet loosely.

A little about the gryteklutene: I always make double the pot holders. One should not burn, it’s gryteklutens most important – and only – feature! Previously, I created two equal sides and crocheted together, but as I was leaving and the demand has increased, I make a simple back without pattern. Crochet in the round – in real masks, half-sticks or poles. I give no recipe on the back – it’s just the round and round. The Wenches blogwas recently a useful table to crochet circles. Suitable diameter is about 18-20 cm - but it’s taste. It chooses you.
The threads I crochet in after each, or attach to the end where it gets prettier.

Pot holder in the picture here is crocheted with nine different colors, it is 19 cm in diameter and the back is crocheted with poles. It came with 45 grams of yarn. (Gryteklutene the pictures at the bottom is crocheted without a pattern, and may not match completely with what it says here).

ch = chs, sl st = slip st, sc = single crochet, dc = dc, m = mask, round = round 
And so did I: Each round ends with a sl st, beginning with ch 1 (= height of the mask) – which in normal crochet.
Change colors and create stripes as you like – look like the pictures. Then crochet sl st to close round with the new color.

Beg: 5 ch. Set in a ring with 1 sl.
1. row: 8 sc in ring
2. Rnd: 2 sc in each sc = 16 m
3. row: 2 sc in third st = 21 m. Color
4. row: sc – inc 3 sts evenly = 24 m
5. Rnd: 2 sc in every three m = 32m. Change color
NB1: If this is too tight, roll the edges up. Is it too loose, it will be dented. It depends on the yarn, crochet hook, and how tight you crochet. Adjust the way – increase more or less m as appropriate for you. Number of masks does not really matter – the important thing is that the pot holder is fairly flat. If in doubt, play a round with the iron along the way – it does the trick!

6. round: Here comes the mysterious “tips” that so many have asked. Here crochet no elevation mask.Crochet 16 mouse tags as follows: * 3 ch, 1 sc in first ch, skip 1, 1 sc *. Repeat ** end of round. Change color. The end with 1 sl.
NB2: If you adjusted cf NB1, you may receive more or fewer mouse tags. But it does not matter, as long as pot holder is fairly flat. Number of masks does not matter the end result.
7. row: ch 3 (= height masks) + 2 dc in sc between the first two mouse tags, 1 sc top of the next tag. Look at the pictures if you’re wondering. * 3 dc in sc between each mouse tag, 1 sc top in next tag *. Repeat rnd.Change color.
NB3: There may be a bit much pc here, and then it will be dented. Then you can eg make 2 dc in between, instead of 3 I did – only 2 dc in each 3 intervals approximately. Adjust as you see fit. It does not matter and will not appear significant in the final pot holder. (I always do such adjustments, and no one has complained yet!)
It can thus vary how many stitches you have after 7 round, and Now I can not usually count more either. The number does not matter. Now is a good time to take a little break, attach wires and smooth over with the iron. Casserole cloth should be flat!
8. row: sc without increase. If it gets tight, increase one sc here and there.
9. row: As 8 round. Change color.

6-9. row represents a kind of pattern repeat, which repeats the pot holder is the right size. Increase your way if needed, and adjust number of dc so it is not dented. Farther out in the pot holder keeps it often with 2 dc between mouse tags. Finally you’re left with a flat circle with a diameter of 18-19 cm. It is best to conclude with one or two rows sc.

Conclusion: I never blocks potholders. But I fail them flat and fine.
Add front and back together, WAS against WAS. Snap happy with pins. Work them together. There are many possibilities. I usually choose a contrasting color and work with fixed masks – simple is often best.
Alternatively you can use two colors and crochet two stitches of each color, it gives a nice effect – and I did here. Crochet on the thread that is not used.
Or a picot border / mouse tags – it’s the same tags as in the pot holder. Work one single crochet in each 3mask around, and a picot / mouse tag in between.
Or you can make a shell border – it was a little violent for me. Or crawfish masks. Or … The possibilities are endless!

Loop: 12 ch, fasten the edges with 1 sc. Turn and work sc around ch-loop – close together – back to start.Fasten with 1 sl st, cut the thread and pull through. Weave in ends and – done!

I have the best of our ability have tried to make a recipe without error. Can you do any, or if anything is unclear, it is nice if you give me a hint (write in the comments).

There are quite a few who have asked for this recipe, most Americans really. So now I must translate into English. Looks to me hours with my nose in the dictionary and hair in all directions. If it is quiet here on the blog for a while, you know why …