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Gift presents: pom poms to the max, make paper flower, kids craft ideas

Cutting paper, Making flower, Paper crafts  |  August 15th 2011  |  0 Comment

Here are some of the results of my one day pom-pom craze. Instructions on how I made them are after the jump (plus a simple sangria recipe). If you’re a lazy one and don’t want to do all the shopping and cutting, there’s also an Etsyian who sells great pom-pom kits in many different colors. Check her out and at least get inspired from all the pics!

Here’s a big ol’ aqua pom-pom for the front console. I love aqua-teal-ish colors.

pom poms

Gift presents: pom poms to the max, make paper flower,

kids craft ideas

Giant tri-colored pom that is a full sphere. It’s hanging on the ceiling by a hook. It’s helping to fill in the negative space between the dining and living areas and front entrance. I might add more here to give a bigger impact. Notice the colors! Just like our logo and my favorite flower, the Alfred Grille Dahlia!

pom poms

And then I got a little ambitious. I attached a lightbulb fixture to a smaller gold pom. The light didn’t shine through that strongly, so maybe a more translucent paper would’ve worked better. Also, the bulb is a mere 3 watts, because I didn’t want the paper to get burned by a hot bright bulb.

pom poms

For a half pom (hemisphere), use about 8 sheets.
For a full pom (full sphere), use about 15-16 sheets.

The width of your tissue paper determines the size of your pom. 20 x 26″ sheets will make a large 20″ pom. Use smaller sheets for smaller poms.

Here I have 5 sheets of several colors to make a 15-sheet pom:

pom poms

Stack all the colors together in the order you want. Fold the entire stack accordion style, with 1.5″ spacing between folds.

pom poms

Keeping the stack folded, cut each end of the stack into petal shapes. You can experiment with different shapes, like rounded ends or pointy ends.

pom poms

Take some thin wire (any wire will do, floral wire works, or even twist ties if they’re long enough), wrap the center of the stack of tissues with the wire and twist close.

pom poms

Almost there! Now fan out the accordion, and start peeling layers of the tissue out of the accordion. Be careful doing this, as the tissue is very fragile. I ripped mine in several places in my pom-poms, but at least the rips hide pretty well. Keep separating all the layers from each other and fluff them all to give it volume.

pom poms

Yippee! Now you should have your pom-pom. You can tie a string or some fishline to the wire to hang it. Wasn’t that easy? It’s so fun I can make a room full of pom-poms.

pom poms


To make the pom-light, you have to get a lightbulb kit from the hardware store. It can either have a long cord that plugs into the wall, or have exposed wires to attach to your ceiling lightbox. I recommend getting the candelabra type bulbs and fixture because they have a smaller screw base and will fit into the pom-pom. Just ask your local hardware guy to find them, they should know!

When you have the hardware, cut a hole into your pom-pom stack and stick the fixture into the hole and screw in the bulb. You can still use some wire to hold the layers together.

And that’s it! Now sit back and enjoy your new pom-pom with a refreshing glass of sangria!

pom poms