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Gift presents: Pleated Headband tutorial

Making flower, Sewing  |  September 18th 2011  |  0 Comment
So, what’s up for the Pleat Week Specialty??  I’m sharing my Pleated Headband Add-Ons:
These are so simple, quick, and fun – - they add that extra pizzazz to a boring ole headband.  I made them for my girls, but with the right fabric/headband combo, these could easily be worn by us grown-up girls.
Materials needed:
–Cheapo headband (I like to buy mine at the Dollar Tree, where they’re $1 for 6!)
–2 scrap strips of fabric, about 2 inches wide.
–Sewing equipment
Please note – - I made the one in the tutorial with large pleats, but ended up making more with smaller tighter pleats, and those ones are used in the final pictures – either way works!
Take one strip of fabric and fold it into pleats however you’d like.  The imperfections and unexactness are part of the charm.  Then take your other strip and cut it to match the length of the one with folded pleats:
Put the 2 strips on top of each other, with the wrong sides of the fabric together.  Sew down each side as shown:
With the two strips sewn together along the sides, this will create a channel in the middle:
Simply slip the headband into the channel.  Then drop hot glue inside each end of the channel to secure it to the headband (I don’t have pictures of this step because I couldn’t work with hot glue and take a picture at the same time!)
That’s it – wear it in style!!
Source: http://www.sugarbeecrafts.com