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Gift presents: Panels made of felt, kids craft ideas

Holiday & seasonal crafts, Sewing  |  August 9th 2011  |  0 Comment

The idea of creating such a warm wall panels offer “sweet home” … with interior decorations and home will be nice and cozy!

3518263_0011 (470x479, 47Kb)

Gift presents:  Panels made of felt,

kids craft ideas



You will need:

Felt sheet.


Threads of bright colors and a needle.

Stencils of flowers, cut from paper.

Bamboo stick or plain wood.

For the basics you will need a sheet of felt 50 x 50 cm then you will need a stencil cut flowers of different sizes and quantities, and sew them in a circle on a piece of felt, thread of bright colors. For suspension you need to make the top of the  pan but  the two loops and insert them into a bamboo stick.

3518263_0_5d64f_fc87a7cb_L (333x500, 61Kb)

3518263_0_5d650_a486e588_L (425x471, 52Kb)

3518263_0_5d651_8d56f4e2_L (376x500, 56Kb)

Wall panels with their own hands

3518263_0_5d653_e4f09d30_L (425x453, 34Kb)

3518263_0_5d654_c7134a2f_L (323x500, 44Kb)

3518263_0_5d655_d2da515a_L (425x445, 58Kb)

3518263_0_5d656_4933377c_L (311x500, 39Kb)

3518263_0_5d657_b8f4f4f_L (333x500, 39Kb)

3518263_0_5d658_36313cf0_L (425x429, 38Kb)

3518263_0_5d659_38b23942_L (425x425, 41Kb)

3518263_0_5d65a_36a7633f_L (333x500, 58Kb)

3518263_0_5d65b_8d2fad4_L (424x500, 44Kb)

3518263_0_5d65c_f840355f_L (425x462, 63Kb)

3518263_0_5d65d_911bb2d3_L (425x489, 61Kb)