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Gift presents: Mistletoe hairpin tutorial! kids craft ideas

Felt, Making flower, Sewing  |  August 12th 2011  |  0 Comment
Have you been going insane for weeks trying to figure out how to stick mistletoe to your head? Me too! But, look! I got it!
Gift presents: Mistletoe hairpin tutorial!

kids craft ideas

Here’s what you’ll need:

green felt (a 9×2 inch strip and two one inch diameter circles), a few pearl beads, fabric glue, hairpin, and needle and thread

Fold the felt strip in half lengthwise, pin it, and cut the edge like this.

Do a big running stitch down the folded edge.

Gather it tight along the stitches. Then roll it up. Stick a pin in it to secure it for now.

Pick a leaf where you want your berries to go, and stitch them right on. Tie the knot on the bottom of a leaf so it doesn’t show. Put a tiny dot of glue on the knot and cut the tail of the thread super short.

Glob a thick layer of fabric glue (make sure it will dry clear!) onto the bottom of the rolled felt and stick it to one of the circles.

With the other circle, fold it in half and snip 2 slots like this.

Now you can slide it onto your hairpin.

Glue it together like this.

Wear it to a party where there are cute boys or stick it to a pretty card and give it as a gift!

Source: matsutakeblog.blogspot.com