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Gift presents: kids craft ideas, Shortcake Knickers

Sewing  |  August 4th 2011  |  0 Comment

Gift presents: Sewing Shortcake Knickers tutorial

shortcake knickers 038
Knickers are the perfect transition piece for the changing seasons.  They are especially nice when you use knit…

shortcake knickers 076
Cool and comfy!

shortcake knickers 088
The green grass and wildflowers call us out every day to play…

shortcake knickers 083
…and these knickers are perfect for all those adventures in the sun

shortcake knickers 072
Use store-bought knit, or you can up-cycle a Tshirt

shortcake knickers 051
These are so easy and darling, I made 2 pair in an afternoon

shortcake knickers 049
Here’s how you can make yours

Pattern Pieces {2T/3T}
1/2 yard knit  (or a Tshirt)
1/4 yard ribbed knit
Elastic thread
Sewing supplies


Print out the pattern pieces and tape together at the dots
***Make sure to wash/dry your knit on a warm setting before sewing.  Knit can sometimes shrink up to 20%!**

shortcake knickers 002
Cut out your pieces:
2 front and 2 back legs {double your fabric over and cut two at a time}
5”x18” piece of ribbed knit {or the best diameter for your child waist}

shortcake knickers 003
Take one front and one back leg and lay the pieces next to each other

shortcake knickers 004
Place the front leg on top of the back leg RST and match the straight edges.  Pin and stitch a 1/4” seam down the edge

shortcake knickers 005
Here is what it looks like when finished.  Repeat with the other front/back leg pieces

Now that both legs are sewn, place one on top of the other RST and stitch the top curves only using a 1/4” seam

shortcake knickers 007
Make those seams you just sewed the center front and back seams…now you can start to see the knicker

shortcake knickers 009
Pin the inner seam.  Make sure to pin the center seam first, then the ends, then ease in the rest of the pinning as it won’t match exactly because of the front and back legs having different arches.  That’s ok…it makes these knickers have a definite front/back

shortcake knickers 010
Here are the knickers turned right side out

shortcake knickers 011
Now for the fun part….fill your bobbin with elastic thread.  If you have never used elastic thread, you can visit my tutorial HERE

shortcake knickers 012
Begin on one of the legs, about an inch away from the bottom at the inner seam.  Stitch a line all the way around once

shortcake knickers 013
When you get to the starting point, just keep sewing around adjusting your line to about 1/8” away from the first line.  Don’t start/stop. Don’t backstitch, just keep the motion going.  Go around one more time (3 total).  Repeat on the other leg.

shortcake knickers 015
shortcake knickers 017
Take your waistband and fold in half, RST.  Stitch a 1/4″ seam down the open edge (5” side)

shortcake knickers 019
Turn the waistband down and over so the the wrong sides are together and there is only one raw edge.

Mark the front and sides of the waistband with pins ( you don’t need to mark the back becasue the seam is your mark)

shortcake knickers 022
Take a look at your knickers.  There is a definite front and back.  The back is more baggy to account for the booty.  Place the waistband seam on the back seam of the knickers, matching raw edges at the top.

shortcake knickers 023
Pull the ribbed waistband as far as you need to get the center of the front seam of the knicker, matching the pin with the front seam.  Pin.  Once you let go, it will bunch all up again.  That is ok.  As long as your waistband was pulled tight, you got the center.

Do the same for the sides, matching the pin to each side seam

shortcake knickers 024
Position the raw edges of waistband/knicker under your presser foot. Put the presser foot down.

shortcake knickers 028
Pull the waistband so it is the same length as your knicker fabric underneath.  It has quite a bit of stretch in it, so don’t be scared to pull hard.  Keep it pulled while sewing your 1/4” seam.  Once you reach the next pin, pull that next section of waistband, and so on…

shortcake knickers 040
And that’s it!  Throw on your little one and go frolic in the sunshine!


shortcake-knickers-089When sewing the elastic thread in, just go above the hem line

shortcake knickers 088

To adjust the pattern, just cut it a little bigger.  Here, I made a larger pair in the pink stripe knicker by adding about 1/4 ” all the way around when cutting out the pattern.    


shortcake knickers 043


sewing for kids,