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Gift presents for women: The transformation of an old bag , free crochet pattern

Bags, Crochet, Green crafts, Repair work  |  August 17th 2011  |  0 Comment

clutch handbag, and not old and not much worn, but the soul does not lie. And throw a pity – leather handbag. So I decided to update it.


And then the process of its transformation into a “princess.” Threads have been (too long) synthetic lurex, lurex but I methodically stretched from the threads and coils were wound (on then, too, somewhere in handy). Not much I lover “glamorous.”

At the beginning wanted to beat the finished Lacquered finish drawing …

But I did not like that a lot of skin (not new) was seen. Then I made ​​a 2nd version.

In this technique the coupling gipyurnogo lace (or as many call the Irish lace) made ​​the first time. More precisely, I was knitting motifs, and not once, but an irregular grid for the first time.

She worked on the foam from the top was a sheet of paper with the size of the bag.

Ready motives fastened to each other on the basis of a needle, how do breed in the embroidery Richelieu. A part of the bottom and around the magnet linked irregular grid.






Gift presents for women:  The transformation of an old bag ,

free crochet pattern

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