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Gift presents for women: Swarovski Pins tutorial

Jewelry making  |  September 8th 2011  |  0 Comment

 Crafty jewelry

Tutorial: Swarovski Pins

Three Pins completed

Finally home (and with me, many bags waiting to be unpacked).

The hair pins above are quick and easy and an excellent way to make a special gift. I’ve seen beaded pins made with wire, but while traveling found that thread works equally well if not better. To make your own, here’s how:


- bobby pins
- beads
- needle and strong thread
- scissors

Tutorial 1

String your beads, roughly the same lengths as the pin.
Tutorial 2

Pull the needle through the eye of the pin and tie.
Tutorial 3

Separate the first bead on the thread (leaving the others) and tie it securely.
Tutorial 4

Thread the needle back through the bead and tie in front. The following picture illustrates this very well.
Tutorial 5

Continue going through the beads one by one.

Tutorial 6

Tutorial 7

Once all beads are attached to the pin, it’s time to finish and “hide” the two ends of thread.
Tutorial 8

Tutorial 9

Thread the needle back through the first and/or second bead, through the knot and cut it.
Three Pins completed

Done. Placed on a small piece of cardboard they make wonderful gifts for little and not so little girls.
Source: annekata.blogspot.com