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Gift presents for women: rosette necklace from old tights

Beading and knotting, Green crafts, Jewelry making, Making flower, Recycle, Sewing  |  August 31st 2011  |  0 Comment


You guys, I’m not wearing makeup and my hair has a mind of it’s own – is it okay if we pretend that’s not the case? okay? cool.

Sooooo day 4 of old tights DIY’s. How fun is this? Well i’m having fun! Anyway, I keep seeing rosette necklaces everywhere. I’m not sure why, but they are everywhere. So I made one. Wow wasn’t that an interesting story? haha


  1. Remember yesterday when I cut the legs of the tights into strips 1″ wide? Well I kept some of them aside
  2. Sew very long loose stitches along one edge of the tube, till you go all the way round.
  3. Pull the threads tight and tie a knot. Ta da you have a rosette.
  4. Make a few more
  5. Lay them face down, and lay an old chain over the top
  6. If the chain links were large enough i could have stitched right through them, but they weren’t – so I stitched around them and pulled tight.
  7. Next, just for visual interest, i layed another one lower than the 3, and attached it to two of the rosettes on the edge
  8. Optional: you could embelish yours with other fabrics, beads, or what have you, but to be honest I just didn’t feel like it today – but I do really like it plain!

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