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Gift presents for women: Lace Briefcase tutorial

Fashion, Other crafts  |  September 5th 2011  |  0 Comment


Crafts tutorial
Briefcase steps
Gift presents for women: Lace Briefcase tutorial

Every workin’ lady needs a fancy little briefcase covered in lace! At least that’s what I think. I picked this boring brown briefcase up at a thrift shop recently and couldn’t wait to dress it up! Here’s how I did it…1. Supplies Needed: Vintage briefcase, wood glue (I like using heavy duty glue), lace trim or ribbon (the non-ruffled kind that lays flat works best) and scissors. 2-4. This project is easy and fairly self-explainatory through the photos above. Here are a few tips… Arrange your strips before glueing to make sure your proportions are pretty. Leave a little extra lace on each edge until you are done glueing and then trim last. Most importantly, use plenty of glue (especially on the edges). 5-6. I added lace to both sides of my briefcase. Check your glue bottle for drying time. Be sure to let the first side dry before flipping it over. Enjoy! ♥

DIY Briefcase
Lace briefcase
Have fun feeling fancy with your pretty new briefcase!

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