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Gift presents for women: How do you cover nail polish boo boos?

Nail  |  September 17th 2011  |  0 Comment

How do you cover nail polish boo boos?

Nail art

When Revlon Plum Night met Milani Diamond Dazzle…

photo: we heart this

With a big night upon me, as well as a pressing need for a new nail polish, I rushed to Walgreens and found a great choice: Revlon Plum Night, a dark plum creme that borders on black. Perfect for dramatic winter night!

But as quickly as I rushed to the drugstore, I painted my nails just as much so. And if you look closely at the picture above you will see an ugly secret known to rush manicurists everywhere: bubbles.

There are many things that can cause bubbles; shaking your polish, putting on too thick of a coat, not letting coats dry between application, a room that is too hot, nails held too close to a fan. Seriously, what can’t cause bubbles? But other than taking it off and reapplying (which I’ve been known to do, often), there’s not much you can do to get rid of them. Except for…


Covering them with glitter! Nothing hides bubbles (or smudges, for that matter) like a good dose of glitter. Since reapplying wasn’t an option, I grabbed myMilani Diamond Dazzle a clear gloss loaded with iridescent glitter, and proceeded to not only hide my mistakes, but make my nails more fabulous.

I love Diamond Dazzle, the iridescent micro glitter picks up and compliments any color that it covers. I know not every drugstore carries Milani, but it’s well worth the search to find one that does. This polish has gotten me out of quite a few messy situations.

Of course, I could always slow done my application, but when fixing mistakes looks this good, why bother?

Readers, what are your favorite Glitter polishes?

Source: weheartthis.com