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Gift presents for women: Coastal Tote Bag tutorial

Bags, Sewing  |  September 2nd 2011  |  0 Comment


Coastal Tote Bag

Coastal Tote Bag

So here you go:

You will need:

- Burlap tote bag

- Fabric for straps

- Fabric for bag

- Seashells

- String

- Pin


1. Cut 2 inch stripe of fabric and sew on to bag.

2. Cut original bag handles.

3. Cut 6 1inch stripes out of white fabric and make two braids out of them.

4. Sew on to bag. Use the zick zack stich. (these are your new handles/straps)


To make the seashell chain, you attach to the bag see instructions above.

1. Make a braid using thicker thread.

2. Attach shells with hot glue.

3. Make a tassle and attach as well.

4. Sew little piece of fabric to a clothe pin.

5. Attach to bag.


Now you are ready to go to your local farmers market, buy some fresh flowers and bread  and pamper yourself by sitting in a cute little cafe, enjoying a beautiful spring day with a campari orange and watching people walk by! For an extra little *bling*, paint your fingernails red ;-)


A great weekend!