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Gift presents for women: Big Buttons Dress Tutorial

Dress, Sewing  |  September 1st 2011  |  0 Comment

I love doing custom orders. Custom orders are a lot of work, but gives me different challenges, and a chance to expand different variations and patterns of work.
I was recently asked to make a modification of this dress. Her request was to keep the big buttons, add “rolled up sleeves”, and big pockets. Before I made one for her, I made one sample to make sure if the patterns work. It ended up this dress was pretty simple, and can be adjusted in different sizes very very easily.
Although I added darts for the previous dress, the dresses above a very simple, no curves, all straight line dress. I’m terrible at explaining things, but I’m gonna try… here you go!

Here is a brief how-to to make this dress.
You need measurements of your:
♥ shoulder to shoulder measurement (16″ for me)
♥ from your shoulder to the top of the bust measurement (mine was 9″)
♥ desired length of the dress (in this case, I made it for 34″)

♥ About 1.50m of fabric
♥ covered button kit
♥ invisible zipper

1. Top panels
♥ Take your shoulder to shoulder measurement (mine is about 16″), and add 3″ each side. So the total width of the top front panel is about 23″.
♥ The length of your top front panel is the measurement of your shoulder to the top of your bust.
♥ Now your have a rectangle fabric, 23″ ×9″. Cut two (one for front, and one for back)
♥ Adjust the neckline, you can make it like boat neck, or round neck.

2. Skirt panels
♥ Take the length of your shoulder to shoulder measurement (16″), and multiply it by 1.5. In my case, this is 24″. This becomes the width of your skirt panels, front and back.
♥ The length of your skirt panels should be (your desired length of the dress) – (length of your top panel). In this case, 34-9=25.
♥ Now you have a rectangle fabric, 24″ ×25″.
♥ Gather the top of this skirt panel fabric, and shorten it (gather) so it becomes your shoulder to shoulder measurement (16″). Then sew this into the top panel, leave 3″ both sides for the sleeve.

3. Pockets, roll up sleeves etc.
This is your preference. Make many different variations!

4. Zipper should be added to the back middle, and I would cut the back top and skirt panels 0.5″ longer so it has extra seem allowance for installing zipper.

I know this is very brief and I skipped many processes, so please feel free to ask any questions! Please link to this post if you make a dress from this tutorial;) Happy sewing♥

Source: vivatveritas.com