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Gift presents for women: 30 MINUTE JERSEY SHEATH

Dress, Sewing  |  August 30th 2011  |  1 Comment

a sheath dress.

Gift presents for women: 30 MINUTE JERSEY SHEATH

Sewing patterns

This fabric is light-weight, stretchy, but with a surprising amount of “body” to it. The rolled details add a lot of visual interest as well as wiggle room. Wiggle room for imperfect seams. Jersey can sure be a pain in the neck to sew if you don’t have a surger. Which I obviously don’t have. Here’s how I made this little number and how you can make one of your own:

  1. Fold the fabric in half right sides together. Smooth out.
  2. Lay down a dress (or fitted tee & pencil skirt) that has the cut you want. Be sure to lay the garment(s) & fabric perfectly flat. Wrinkles will mess you up.
  3. Cut out the fabric including seam allowances. I did a 1/2 inch seam allowance all the way around & 3 inches at the bottom. You can always cut it if it’s too long.
  4. If you’re adding a sleeve, make the transition from the body of the dress to the sleeve a curve.
  5. Cut the back & front necklines to be the same. You’ll adjust the neckline at the end.
  6. My template dress was more of an a-line, so I trimmed down the fabric to go straight down instead – for more of a sheath look.
  7. Sew the shoulders, and sides using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.
  8. Try the garment on. Make adjustments in the fit & mark the center point of where you want your front neckline to hit.
  9. Take garment off & line up seams together (basically fold the front half of the dress in half). Find your marking & cut out the neckline
  10. Hem the bottom, sleeves and neck as desired.
  11. See the above illustration for additional info

This fabric doesn’t fray so you don’t need to hem it; but I did, because I liked the look better. I’ll soon be hand-hemming the neckline to mimic the rolled woodgrain texture for a more finished look.

Source: melissaesplin.com