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Gift presents for mum: Sewing Kit In A Jar

Sewing  |  August 31st 2011  |  0 Comment

Gift presents for mum: Sewing Kit In A Jar

Sewing patterns

You will need:

- Jars

- Fabric

- Batting

- Spray Paint

- Hot Glue



And here is how you do it:

You guys probably think “dammit, when is she going to buy some new fabric!”… I am sorry guys, still having leftovers from my birthday in a suitcase project (which btw got featured at Apartment Therapy today).

The pictures should be self-explanatory. To pimp up the jar a little, I made a silhouette stencil out of paper (Download) and then spray painted the cut out. You could also use chalk labels like here.


More things in jars:

…Cupcakes anyone??

…Storage, wow!!

…in the bathroom

…solar lights

… yummi!

… and here is another really cute pin cushion jar.


Source: fun.kyti.me