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Gift presents for mum: DIY SEQUIN CLUTCH tutorial

Bags, Sewing  |  September 14th 2011  |  0 Comment
This is for you gals out there who don’t think you can do DIY. These fun and fancy clutches only involve THREE items and THREE steps. Not kidding! Ready?

 Sewing patterns

In summary, your supplies:
Linen Clutch
Sequin trim (any kind of preference)
Hem tape OR Glue Gun


The Steps:
1) Measure out the trim to fit the length of the clutch(es)
2) Measure out the hem tape
3)Place hem tape between trim and clutch, and hold down your iron on the INSIDE of the clutch for a few seconds on each section of the trim to get them to stick together.
3) Simply heat up your glue gun and use small amounts along the trim where you would like it placed.
*You can use one or two strips of trim on the back depending on the look you want.


….and Voila!! I told you it was simple:)
I hope you go treat yourself or a friend to this $5.00 glam clutch! And if you do, you will have to share the pics and let me know how it goes!
Source: inhonorofdesign.blogspot.com