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Gift presents for little girls: How to make a rainbow headband…

Making flower, Sewing  |  August 31st 2011  |  0 Comment

Gift presents for little girls: How to make a rainbow headband…

Sewing patterns and tutorial

It’s going to be a rainbow themed week over at our place, because I’m preparing for Emma’s 1st birthday party! OMG, One already!
RAINBOW is the theme, lots of lovely bright colours to brighten the day, just like Emma has brightened our lives…

I’m hoping to use things I’ve got around the house or in the shop to decorate, and will be making Emma’s outfit and party favours from my stash. I quite liked the idea of a birthday crown, but as I started gathering supplies the project became a headband…

Sorry didn’t have time to photograph a tutorial but here are some brief instructions.
wool felt scraps in colours of your choice
hot glue gun
embroidery thread and needle
How to:
I will assume your headband is already covered (otherwise you’ll have to have a go at doing that yourself)
From the coloured felt cut out circle shapes about 4-5cm diam. you can do this freehand they don’t need to be perfect. How many you cut will dictate the size of your ruffle.
As a guide Ive used 6 colours and cut from 6-10 circles of each colour (less circles of thicker felt, more of the thinner felt).
Thread a needle with embroidery thread, and tie a knot on the end.
One at a time fold each circle in half to form a semicircle, string it onto your thread like you were making a necklace. Do this with all of the circles, now you should have what looks like a ruffly snake. Make sure you secure the end.
Warm up your glue gun while you decide where to position the ruffle on the headband.
Lay a bead of glue down on the top of the headband and stick on your ruffle. Remember – with hot glue, LESS is MORE
Now you’re done. Wear your new headband with pride, I’d love to see pictures of yours…
I’m modeling it here because Emma won’t let me put it on her, hopefully next week I get at least one photo of it on her.
Next on the list, off to make a rainbow dress…
Source: made-of-cloth.blogspot.com