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Gift presents for kids: tights to fairy wings tutorial

Green crafts, Recycle, Sewing  |  September 13th 2011  |  0 Comment

Recycling for kids

Gift presents for kids: tights to fairy wings tutorial

Don’t you just love the kind of outfits toddlers put together for themselves?? Well just like every little girl, Bunny loves to dress up. This is her outfit of choice. She’s calls it “butterfly princess”. So adorable!!

Anyway, I digress. Since she likes dressing up so much, I decided to redo a craft project i made in 8th grade. To give you some background, in our first year of highschool (in Australia high school starts in 8th grade, and there is no middle school) we all had to do drama. Now, though I won’t deny that I can be a dramatic person, I am no actor. I suck. big time. So when we were told to get into groups and do a play, written by ourselves – so my 3 best friends and I pretty much centred our play around the fact that we wanted to dress up as fairies. haha. And I made the wings!

Bunny absolutely loves hers! She calls them her butterflies, and has been wearing them for 3 days straight. That’s what I call a home run!

Here’s how to do it:


  1. You’ll need a wire coathanger (like those cheapo ones you always get with dry cleaning), a pair of pliers (i’d rather use needlenose pliers, but I couldn’t find ours), and the foot portion of a pair of tights (5″ from the toe), as well as a strip cut from the waistband.
  2. Using your pliers, unwrap the coathanger, and try and bend all of the kinks out of it.
  3. Now you’ll want to gently bend the wire so that the ends meet in the middle of the piece, and twist them around to secure them by twisting
  4. You’ll notice that there are some pointy bits, try and make them as flat as possible, and then using a scrap piece of tights, wrap them up to secure the join, and also to cover up all sharp bits and pad them. You want to make sure your little girl isn’t going to injure herself!
  5. Put your tights over the wings (my hole was in the foot portion, so I had to darn it quickly. But since it’s just a dress up, and wasn’t too worried about it showing)
  6. Now sew the open end of the tights to the binding in the middle of the wings. I did this by securing the sides first, then sewing long stitches along the open end, and then pulling tight, so it gathers nicely.
  7. Next take the piece you cut from the waistband, and put the seams on top of each other, and sew it to the bound middle portion – this will be the armholes!
  8. Decorate! Since this is for a toddler, I went a little crazy! I pretty much took every sparkle i could find in my house and put silly patterns on. At first I was going to sew on the sequins, but then I remembered that Bunny has pulled off every sequin from her other dressups, so I knew it wasn’t worth my time – and I just hotglued them on.
  9. Wear! Seriously, could this be any cuter?!

Actually she made that necklace almost all on her own (what a big girl!), soooo this is kind of her DIY too!

Oh, and this is how I caught her the first day she had them… ummm guest blogger? Can’t stop laughing over this one!

Source: @blog.megannielsen.com