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Gift presents for kids: Shabby Witch’s Wand tutorial

Hallooween's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower  |  September 15th 2011  |  0 Comment

Supplies Needed

1 yard each of 5-7 ribbons
1 Wooden Dowel
Black Paint
Hot Glue

Step 1: Cut your wooden dowel to the size you prefer. This dowel is about 18″

Step 2: Paint your dowel black

Step 3: curl your ribbon. (also known as “korking”) You can find tutorials everywhere, just google how to make a “korker bow” I korked some of my ribbon and left some of it straight.

Step 4: Lay a straight ribbon across horizontally, this will be used to tie all your ribbons together

Step 5: Arrange your ribbons in a pattern that you like

Step 6: Tie your base ribbon around all the ribbons and tie in a double knot. I made two different bundles of ribbon. So that my wand would be fuller.

Step 7: Tie your two bundles together with another base ribbon

Step 8: Time to glue your dowel onto your ribbon. Place some hot glue right int the center.

Step 9: Place your dowel onto the hot glue and hold until set. I also tied my base ribbon around the dowel after I glued it…to make it more secure. MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS!

Now you have a magical witch’s wand!

Hannah has been playing with it all afternoon and saying “abra cadabra!”

She can’t wait to use it for Halloween!