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Gift presents for kids: Mini Beaded Flowers Tutorial

Beading and knotting, Making flower  |  September 18th 2011  |  0 Comment
-Very small flower pot
-Paint brush
-Wire cutters
-Seed Beads
-Czech Glass beads
-Flower Tape
This project was inspired by this little eye sore:
Someone had it sitting out front of their dorm room under a “free” sign. The paint was pretty dirty/ugly, but I thought I could make something pretty with it!

Step 1: Paint your mini flower pot.
 So much better than that orange/red!


Step 2: Start making the beaded flowers. On a long piece of wire, string around 35 seed beads. Leave a long tail, and then twist the wire around the bead group into a loop a few times.  Repeat this three more times. I varied the sizes of my petals slightly, using 35 seed beads for two petals and about 25 for the other two.



Make two of these.  Make sure you keep long wire tails! You will need them.
Step 3: Place petal set A on top of petal set B.  Wrap the wire tail of petal set A around the middle of petal set A and B.




Don’t worry about the wires looking pretty on the front or back, it will be covered up.
Step 4: Twist the remaining wire tails together on the backside of your flower.
Step 5: String a 6mm Czech glass bead onto the middle of a piece of wire.  Thread it through the middle of the flower.


Step 6: Secure the center bead to the center of the flowers by tightly twisting the wire tails around each other on the back of the flower.


Step 7: Twist both of the twisted wire tail groups together.
Step 8: Cover all of the wire stems with florist tape


Trim off any excess stem with wire cutters, and you’ve got a flower!


I made three


Then, I filled my little flower pot with sand and stuck them in!