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Gift presents for kids: Make Balloon People

Felt, Making toys, Other crafts  |  September 6th 2011  |  0 Comment

Make Balloon People

Today we bought long balloons to make animals. I followed the directions, but was never successful in making any of the animals look like the ones in the picture.

Nola and Kira went to work making their own village of characters and asked to make a tutorial that works better than the instructions in the book. Here it is – in Nola’s own words.

Balloons All

How to Make Balloon People – Narrated by Nola (age 4 3/4)

Balloon 1
Step 1: Pump the balloon up – almost half way. But not all the way to the end. And tie a knot right at the end so the air doesn’t come out. If you are not yet 4, have your Mummy tie it. If you are 4 you can do it yourself.


Balloon 2
Step 2: Twist the balloon to make a head. Take the the uninflated part and tie it around the twisted part. Pull the uninflated bit down to make a nose.


Balloon 3

Step 3: Tie a knot at the neck so the nose pokes out. Don’t make the nose too long. You want it straight out and not hanging down.


Balloon 4

Step 4: Make the floaty out of another balloon. Inflate it a little bit and tie it around the person.

(Note from Kira: Don’t use too many balloons for the floaty because you’ll use most of your balloons and won’t have enough left to make all the people.)


Balloon 5

Step 5: Put the mouth, eyes and nose on the person. If you are over 4 or 4 you can do it with a Sharpie. If you are under 4 let your Mummy draw eyes and mouth and nose for you.


Balloon 6a

Step 6: Scribble the hair.


Balloon 7

Here is my finished person. It is called Flower Baby.

If you want to you can play, play, play with them…

Balloon 8

Source: @curlybirds.typepad.com