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Gift presents for kids: Fancy Fuzzy Flip Flops for beach

Fashion, Repair work  |  September 15th 2011  |  0 Comment

Fancy Fuzzy Flip Flops

I made these fancy flip flops for my great niece Laney.  She tried them on today for the first time and I asked her if she liked them and she hesitantly said, “Sure, but they are a little fuzzy”.  I started out with a plain pair of pink flip flops…100_1205
and knotted two cut ribbons at a time all the way around the top strap. On top of each knot I placed a dot of fabric glue to keep the ribbons tied. Looking back, the length of the ribbons might have been overkill!  Here they are before the final trim!
That look says everything!  I offered to trim them up and she liked that idea…so I got the scissors and she watched me trim them and approved the final product with a gigantic smile!  She didn’t have much time to admire them because she was on her way to a wedding so she was pretty excited about that!
Very cute and they look especially good with blue toenails!  The total project only cost me $1.49 for the flip flops…I had all the ribbon and the glue.  The good news is that I emptied 8 partial spools of ribbon.
Source: ellenscreativepassage.blogspot.com