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Gift presents for kids birthday: Fringey Monogram tutorial

Making flower, Paper crafts  |  September 7th 2011  |  0 Comment

Gift presents for kids birthday: Fringey Monogram tutorial

Paper crafts tutorial

Open the crepe strip and fold it in half as shown below, leaving the lower side slightly longer than the top one. Now you can start sticking it onto the wall, into the sketched shape. Start with the very bottom of the shape. Attach it with pieces of painter’s tape – these will come off very easily when you take the decor down (to make sure, also test this before).

Around the corners, cut off overlapping parts of the crepe paper to fit the sketched shape. Layer strip after strip using the same technique.

Instead of using tape, you need to attach the top crepe paper strips with paper glue, in order to end up with a neat shape. You probably don’t want to stick the glue directly onto your wall, so stick a row of tape underneath following the outline of the sketch. Then simply attach a strip of paper to it as shown in the picture.

Layer strips to fill the entire shape, change the color of paper as often as you like. A rainbow colored number might look great! Remember to always start from the bottom corner.

This is not a super quick project, but soon enough you’re done! This 5″10 tall number 2 took me about 1.5 hours including the time to take the pictures for this tutorial.

The leftover sheets you can cut into confetti. The crepe paper makes it very light and fluttery.
Ella loved the confetti mess in the living room!

Source: ohhappyday.com