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Gift presents for home: mini pot flower, kids craft ideas

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Rooted baby gloxinia
fragments of a fox and leaf cuttings

Reproduction gloxinia leaf fragments ofleaves of gloxinia large sum, this means that the evaporation area is big. And until there are roots, this list can be without turgor. To make life easier for the sheet, you must create the conditions for it with high humidity. It's simple - throw a transparent plastic bag - the most simple teplichke.  I put small leaves whole. Large - cut into two parts. They are well acclimatized is tantamount to evolve.  Take a good green leaf and cut it as shown in the photo. Shorten cutting - do not need such long enough to leave about two inches. If the list is very large, it can be cut to more parts - in this case a few months later we find several equivalent tubers.  Having a great experience in breeding streptokarpusov fragments of the sheet, I I cut the leaves boldly gloxinia.  The average vein we will not have her thrown out. Here is the photo shows what cuts to plant fragments in the substratefragments were planted in previously lightly moistened substrate. Now they will go to teplichke. The first watering in my terms - a month later. I have never aired teplichke not tidy condensate.  planted and forgotten. For a month  once I'm not throwing midrib, and stuck it next to a fragment of paper.It turned out - for good reason - she gave a baby  As you can see, this vein is present in the leaf tissue a few millimeters - perhaps because of this she lives.  But fragmentik begat children!  In this photo, the fragments of about a year. Children still do not. My patience ran out  I took them out of the substrate - on which nodules!  As you can see, each lateral vein gives tubercle.  The more leaf, no, rather than the more lateral veins on it, the more the tubers can be grown from a single sheet.  Yes, I forgot write.  Cutting tool must be  very  sharp. If cuts are made ​​not with a sharp instrument, the edges of the fragments may begin to rot. I cut with a sharp scalpel.  charcoal or anything else not pripudrivayut cuts - and so well. As an option - you can never use a cutting tool, and just tear a sheet into pieces by hand. Sometimes, however, breaks are not where they should, you need to get the hand SourceGift presents for home: mini pot flower,

kids craft ideas



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Reproduction gloxinia leaf cuttings
Most  varieties gloxinia  fairly large leaves and they make sense before planting divided into fragments, at least in two parts.

Gloxinia leaf, leaf stalk gloxinia

Petiole can be cut, leaving two inches.  Use  teplichek  gives the highest percentage of rooting leaves gloxinia, losses are minimal.  Leafy cuttings and  fragments  okorenyat better not to water, and immediately put in cups with a light, slightly moist substrate. Cups of leaves, planted in place gloxinia teplichke. Teplichke I never aired - this is not necessary. Planted in moderately moist substrate, cuttings, and fragments thereof may not need watering up to a month. Thus, the use teplichek not only reduces the risk of loss of planting material gloxinia, but also saves you time. For a month already with all the leaves and pieces of root and accurately they can already contain no teplichke, watering as usual.  During the whole time, rooting, as and other periods of growth, gloxinia need  good lighting  .

Kids gloxinia, reproduction gloxinia

Kids in leaves and their fragments may appear in six weeks. Sometimes kids do not last longer up to a year. To  speed up the germination process kids  , we can proceed as follows: after a few months after rooting leaf (3-4 months) list simply breaks off at a distance of 1 cm from the nodules. A glass with the club put on a transparent plastic bag, as shown in the photo,  

Awakening of the tuber, kids gloxinia

 and place the cups with tubers in well-lit place, at room temperature. Light, humidity and heat will do the job quickly and tubers sprout gloxinia. After this, packets must be removed. 

Awake tuber gloxinia

Department of kids from the leaf gloxinia.
And leaf fragments can give one to  a few kids  at the same time. When kids grow up gloxinia enough to grow their own without the parent sheet, they must be neatly separated and put into separate cups. If you only need a gloxinia in this class, you can just break off a leaf, so it does not interfere with kids as they grow symmetrically placed in the cup. If you want to have several gloxinia the class should do the following: Carefully separate the babies, leaving the main tuber in the sheet. Kids who are not yet a tuber anyway take root and tuber soon build its own. In a glass with the mother leaves and tubers can pour the fresh substrate. After some time he again gives one to a few germs.

Department of kids from the leaf gloxinia

Separated baby gloxinia

Baby gloxinia

Rooted baby gloxinia

 The author Enikeeva Elena.