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Gift presents for holiday and gifts: Stitchable Gift Tags Template, embroidery patterns

Cards, Embroidery, Paper crafts, Tags  |  September 13th 2011  |  0 Comment

Here’s a super quick embroidered gift tag tutorial for those extra special gifts.
Pish, it looks more difficult than it is, so let’s do this!

Who: You!

What: Embroidered Gift Tags

When: Right now! It’ll take 30-45 minutes, tops
(unless you need to get some of the supplies)

Difficulty Level: Simple and Easy

You’ll need:

*Gift Tag Template (download below)

* Light-weight Cardstock (index or Bristol Board, avail at
any art supply store)

*Embroidery floss in festive hues

*Embroidery scissors

*Embroidery Needle


For this project, there’s a template (download below) for you to follow, but did you know that any of the
Sublime Stitching transfers can also be ironed on to thick papers? It’s true!

Tip: When ironing transfers on to paper, try not to press the hot iron any longer than you need to,
or the paper may curl. Also, be sure to keept he steam setting off.
If the paper does curl, let it cool under a heavy book to flatten it out.

Step 1: Download, print and cut out the tags from the attachment below. Use the template as a guide to first lay over the cardstock you’ll be stitching. I suggest using a thumbtack (with your template and cardstock laid on a cutting mat) to make light, preliminary pin-pricks through the template before you make your final, to-be-stitched holes (next step).

(The hole on the far left is where you can use a paper-punch for the ribbon to attach your tag)
Step 2: Follow the light pinpricks you made through the template, by passing your unthreaded needle, completely through
from front to back (this is important!) over the dots.
Tip: You need to poke from the from the front to back because the needle will create a small, raised bur on the paper, and we’ll be happier if those are on the back side of the card, and not the top!
Step 3:  Then work in a back stitch, or a running stitch (shown here).

Step 4: Attach and give! For my finished tag, I also worked the stitches of the star in alternating pinks. Classy, eh?
And, if you want your tags to enjoy re-use, you can write “For You” rather than personalizing the tags so that the recipient can re-use and re-gift your stitched tag! Although, they might not ever want to part with it…

Source: @sublimestitching.com