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Gift presents for hair: Anthropologie Knock Off Vintage Yo Yo Bobby Pins

Jewelry making, Making flower, Sewing  |  September 16th 2011  |  3 Comments
{source: Anthropologie}
And now, for my version:


In my family, we have a Yo Yo quilt that has been passed down for 4 generations.  It is made with vintage fabric, and it makes my heart swoon.  The only problem, it has begun to tatter and fall apart. And the girls in our family have been trying to find alternate uses for the classic yo yo’s.  So I very carefully used a seam ripper to remove a handful of yo yo’s from the outer edge of my blanket–to use on this vintage project.
To make your own yo yo’s, see this tutorial.


  • Fabric Yo Yo’s
  • Bobby Pin blanks {available in jewelry section at Joann’s}
  • Buttons and/or scrap booking embellishments
  • Ribbon, tulle or any other extras you like
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue
Lay out all your Yo Yo’s and start gettin’ creative as you make your button/yo yo combinations.




Grab your bobby pin base and add a drop of hot glue.
Place on the backside of a yo yo. Allow to cool.
Flip over and apply a drop of glue to the center of the front of your yo yo. Then place your button on top. Allow to cool.
Yep, it’s really that easy.
I hope you enjoyed the world’s easiest knock off project!
Happy Crafting!
Source: littlemissmomma.com