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Gift presents for boys: Heat Transfer Kit for skull tutorial

Other crafts  |  September 20th 2011  |  0 Comment

Tutorial: Heat Transfer Kit

Here is round 2 of the starter kit tutorials.  Today we will be taking a look at the Heat Transfer Kit.

This is what you will get when you open your box!  If you are wondering how you obtain your shapes, click on my account, if you haven’t set one up yet you can do so by clicking on free account in the online store.  Ok lets get back to downloading the shapes.  Under my account select the button that says”Redeem Promotional Download Card” link.  Then click “Apply Card”.  It will take you directly to the place where you will be able to download the shapes.

Now that the shapes are downloaded into your library you simply select the one you want to use.  For this project I am using the golf shape. I imported it and resized it for the project.

Because this is Heat Transfer we will need to select it and then “mirror” it or flip it horizontally so when it is cut out it will be able to iron on facing the correct direction.

Next, load your heat transfer; plastic transfer sheet side down into the machine and cut out your image.

Once this is cut out you can trim the excess heat transfer to save for another project and then peel away the negative space around the shape.

You will find a hook tool in your kit, this is a great way to pick out any little pieces.

You will now place your shape with the plastic transfer sheet face up.  Place a thin cotton cloth on top and iron your heat transfer.  You will need to apply pressure for 45 second in each spot. Pick up the iron and move it to the next spot and repeat that step.  Make sure you let the transfer sheet cool before you remove and reveal your image.