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Gift presents: Felt Owl Tutorial

Felt, Sewing  |  September 14th 2011  |  0 Comment
Here’s how I made him!
First I started by drawing out an owl and cutting out the different parts with card-stock.



I used the pattern to cut out the different owl pieces with felt


I sewed the wings on using small stitches and an embroidery needle onto the firont owl shape.


After I sewed both wings on I put the back side of the owl on and started using a blanket stitch to close up the ends.  I used this tutorial from Future Girl found on pinterest to learn the blanket stitch.


When I got almost all the way around the owl I used extra quilt batting to stuff the inside of the owl.


Close up of the blanket stitch:


Here’s the owl stuffed and sewed all up!


Now it’s time to give this guy some eyeballs! I hot glued two black beads onto the felt because these owls will be on a mobile, not played with. If a small kid will be playing with them hot glued beads are probably not a good idea because they could be pulled off.


Finally I hot glued the eyes and nose on, and this owl was done!!
 I made a little buddy for him too!



Source: mygirlishwhims.blogspot.com