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Gift presents: bow tie tutorial

Sewing  |  August 1st 2011  |  0 Comment

Little Bow Tie Tutorial

Don’t you just love a little kid in a bow tie?
I’ve been trying so hard to think of projects that we can do for the little men in our lives, but it’s tough to do! They just can’t accessorize the way our little ladies can. But a bow tie is very cute on a little gentleman, and it’s quite couture on little girls, as well!
This is so easy to make, you’re going to want to make one in every fabric!
Just cut out your fabric;
(This will make a toddler-sized one, measure your child’s neck first, and adjust slightly for babies or kids)
4 rectangles, about 3″x5″
1 long strip, 15″x2.5″
1 small rectangle, 1.5″x3″
2)  Place two of your 3×5 rectangles on top of the other two, and sew almost all the way around, leaving enough room to turn inside out.
3) Turn inside out, fold the openings in, and sew on top, all the way around each rectangle.
4) Fold under each side of your long strip, and sew them together, facing in so that the seams don’t show. Then sew around the rest of the strip, to give it a finished look.

5) Do the same thing with your smallest rectangle.
6) Lay both of your bow pieces, on top of each other, in the middle of the neck strap.  Place the smallest piece over the bows, and wrap it around to the other side…..
7) Pull very tightly and pin. Then stitch it closed with a needle and thread.
8) Sew on velcro or snaps, measuring around your child’s neck first to see where the fasteners need to go. Give yourself a little leeway by adding extra velcro, or extra snaps, so they can wear it as they grow!

Ta-da! Isn’t it precious?


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