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Gift present for little girls: beautiful hair for accessories

Hallooween's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower  |  September 28th 2011  |  0 Comment

Gift present for little girls: beautiful hair for accessories

Once I dug my ribbon out, I gathered the rest of my supplies. Velvet ribbon (to line the inside of the alligator clip and prevent slippage), an alligator clip, hot glue gun, scissors, thread, sewing needle, cute buttons, and a button shank remover.
First, I lined the inside of the clip (not necessary unless you have a toddler with that silky fine baby hair). Then I chose a ribbon to hot glue around the outside of the clip.
Yes, I am aware that it was all lumpy and bumpy. I haven’t ever done that part by myself, so give me some credit. This was the scary part for me! But it doesn’t matter if yours resembles something from a Halloween horror flick because it will be covered eventually.
I chose a length for my ribbon and measured them all out. Longer pieces for a bigger bow or smaller pieces for a small bow. You can use the same ribbon pattern or mix and match like I did.
Make a cross with the first two matching bows, then layer the others like this to make a star:
Thread your needle and sew a few times through the center to hold it in place. Be careful because the “star’s” points can still rotate.
Start with an end, any end, and fold it in to the center. Sew through the center and then back again. Repeat with each piece until you’ve gone all the way around the star, sewing each “point” into the center.
Now you’ll have a flower like this:
Next, choose a button and cut the shank off with your handy button shank remover. I got mine for a few dollars at JoAnn fabric by using my 40% off coupon.
Hot glue the button to the center of the bow, and then hot glue the bow to the alligator clip. Voila!

Each girl has her own Halloween hair bow now, and it only cost me a few dollars!

She’s ready to do the Monster Mash: