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Gift for women: Flutter Flower Shirt, Refashion

Sewing  |  August 26th 2011  |  0 Comment



It’s super simple and requires hardly
an materials!
Time to get fluttering!

Two matching t-shirts
Matching thread

Cut 1 shirt apart into front and back.
Cut strips from one side of shirt. Vary widths of strips from 1″ inch
to 1.5″ inches.


Fold each strip in half along the
length of the strip to make the width smaller.


Cut each long strip into smaller
pieces about 1″ inch long.

Cut small strips into B shapes.

Open Bs to expose petals.


Stack open Bs with centers on top of
each other. Vary how the Bs are stacked to create texture.


Sew a straight gathering stitch
through both open Bs down the center of the top open B.


Pull thread to gather Bs.



Pinch the underside of your now
stitched together flower.


Stitch back and forth through the
pinch to stabilize the gather.


Repeat to make all your flowers. My
shirt has 20 flutter flowers of varying sizes.


Once you have all your flowers, hand
stitch them on to your second shirt. Overlap some to create the full


Source: zitzmanfam.blogspot.com