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Gift for teen: Mummy Gloves DIY

Crochet  |  September 10th 2011  |  2 Comments

Free crochet patterns

by Twinkie Chan

Mummy 6

Hi, gang! I’m Twinkie Chan! In the spirit of the season and Elsie’s “Tricks and Treats,” we are going to crochet a fun pair of fingerless mummy mitts (so spooky AND so practical!). All we’re really doing is making 3 different rectangles – using basic hdc and dc stitches — and sewing them together. What’s extra fun about this project is that there are so many color options for your basic glove – gray, brown, tan, even moldy green! – to represent the gross, decaying flesh underneath the mummy gauze! I picked a mustardy yellow. This is the color I imagine my gross, decaying flesh would look like… ;). For those who know me for my food-themed work, I believe these mitts still fall under the food category…if you’re a mummy-eating zombie.

You’ll need:

Base color: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Mustard

Gauze color: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice White

I hook, and tapestry needle for sewing and weaving loose ends

Mummy 1

Basic Fingerless Mitt: I provide stitch numbers, but I also provide places you can measure your own hands to adjust the size of your own glove.

 Measure from the 1st digit of your pointer finger down to however long you like your fingerless mitts (A). Mine is 6 inches. Then measure all the way around the base of your palm, excluding your thumb (B). Mine is 7 inches. This represents how wide you will crochet your piece.

Mummy 2

With Mustard, make a chain as long as your (A) measurement, and then 2 extra chains. (27 chs)

Row 1: sk 1st 2 chs, then work 1 hdc in 3rd ch. Continue to work hdc evenly down the chain. (25 hdc)

Row 2: Ch 2, turn. Work hdc evenly across. ( 25 hdc)

Repeat Row 2 until you’ve worked enough rows of hdc to match your (B) measurement. (21 total rows.) Break off, leaving about 16 inches of yarn for sewing.

To form a tube, sew your first row to your last row, but leave a hole for your thumb. I sewed together 12 sts, then left 8 unsewn for the thumb, and then sewed together the last 5 stitches. Weave in all your ends.

Mummy 3

Mummy Gauze: These are just long strips in two different lengths/widths.

Big strip:

With White, ch 122.

Row 1: Skip the 1st 2 chs, and then work dc evenly down the chain. (120 dcs)

Row 2: Ch 2, turn. Work dc evenly down the chain. (120 dcs) Break off leaving about 16 inches of yarn for sewing.

Little strip:

With White, make a 16 inch long ch (70 chs). Skip the 1st 2 chs, and then work dc evenly across until you get to the end (68 dc). Break off.

Place the mitt on a table or in your lap. Make sure the thumbhole is either on the right side or left side, and stay aware of what the top of your mitt will look like (if you’re going to have an uglier side it might as well be the palm side!). Wrap the big strip of gauze around your mitt, careful to not cover up the thumbhole or wrap too tightly. Don’t be afraid to let the mitt color show through. Sew both ends of the strip down with white yarn, and also sew down the strip along the outer and inner edges of the mitt. This keeps the strip securely in place without you having to sew the whole thing down which would also reduce the glove’s stretchiness.

Take the little strip and do the same thing as above with the big strip. Alternatively, you can also leave one of the ends of the little strip loose (just sew it down an inch or two before the end) to make it look like you are coming undone! Ew!

Mummy 4

This pattern works for both your right and left hands. Just make sure that during the wrapping portion, your thumbholes are on opposite sides. Also, if you feel like your mitt has too many bald spots or flesh showing through, you can always make another little strip and keep wrapping!

 Now you’re ready to get down to your mummy business. Satisfaction guaranteed, or your mummy back!

Mummy 5Mummy 9