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Gift for newborn: Modern Baby Bootie Tutorial

Sewing  |  August 24th 2011  |  0 Comment

WOW! I won the second round of SYTYC with these 

Modern Baby Booties!

THANKS to everyone who voted for me!!!! There were so many great crafts this round! 

Here is my entry and the tutorial…

One of my favorite baby gifts to give a new mom is a pair of Modern Baby Booties!

New moms often receive outfits as gifts for their babies and nothing completes an outfit like a cute pair of shoes! These booties are lined and have a faux suede sole. They are super soft and comfortable for babies feet!


Gift for newborn: Modern Baby Bootie Tutorial

Sewing patterns


Here is how I made them!

* This is the updated version*



1/4 Yard of heavy home dec cotton or quilters weight cotton fabric

1 /4 Yard lining fabric wool felt or soft cotton

Interfacing~ Iron on fusible

1″ of 1/2″ Velcro


Download 0-3 Month

Download 3-6 Month

Download 6-12 Month

Download 12-18 Month

Step 1

Print out the pattern pieces and cut out from fabric.

You should have 16 pieces:

Top shoe pattern: 2 Interfacing, 2 Lining, 2 Fabric Print

Sole: 2 Interfacing, 2 Lining, 2 Print Fabric 

Strap: 2 Interfacing, 2 Print Fabric

*Interfacing not show in below photo



Step 2

Iron the interfacing pieces to the back of each of the printed fabric pieces.

Step 3

Sew The Straps.

FIRST add a strip of velcro to the correct side so you do not see the stitching 



Pin the right sides together and sew leaving one of the short sides open. 



Turn right side out and press with the iron.


Step 4

Sew the lining onto the wrong side of the sole of the shoe.

Step 5

Now your ready to sew the top of the shoe.

Place the printed fabric piece down *Right side up

Place the strap (use the guide on the pattern to determine where)

Place the liner, pin, and sew the inside of the “U” but NOT the outside





Step 6

Press the seams open.


Step 7

Open the “U” and pin the right sides of the printed fabric and right sides of the lining fabric together. Sew along the back of the heel. 


Step 8

Turn right sides out and press seams with the iron. Topstitch the top of the shoe ( I have done this here in blue thread so you can see but a coordinating thread is best)


Step 9

Pin the right side of the sole to the right side of the top of the shoe. Sew. Turn right side out and press the seams. Attach the velcro to the strap and to the shoe.

Shoe pin2

Step 10

Wear your shoes out on the town!

Final shoe